Saturday, December 5, 2015

Saturday Screencaps: Diego Loyzaga as David Powers on PSY (Part 24)

Yes! David Powers is so back on the PSY remake. It feels great to be able to see Diego Loyzaga on primetime TV once again. Thanks to @Gin_dtj for these screencaps...

I personally feel that Diego is so ready to be a leading man. I guess the right leading lady is all that's missing at this point. To be honest, Liza Soberano is the only one that I could think of right now. But I guess she's taken. LOL! Boo-hoo! Tragic... for whom? >.< 

I hope and pray for Diegs that his destiny would come at the right time. For now, it's best to enjoy the journey and be ready when the moment comes... Inshallah! >.<

Enjoy your weekend! Till next update.......

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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