Friday, July 31, 2015

Flashback Friday: VJ Diego Loyzaga Says "Mas Bagay Kami ni Liza"

Yes, it's another flashback Friday edition here on the blog. My bad, I couldn't help but edit and focus on this part that I loved hearing over and over again... the part wherein VJ Diego Loyzaga says, " Peace, Bro ah. Peace, Quen, pero mas bagay kami ni Liza." ✌✌✌

My JayNes ❤ is totally beating fast! VJ Diego, you're simply too adorable! >.< I will continue to hope and pray that you and Liza Soberano would one day be paired together again. >.< #nothingisimpossible #whentherighttimecomes #makeithappen

Good vibes & positive thoughts! Happy weekend to one and all! ^_^

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Not So Throwback Thursday: Diego Loyzaga as Joshua on 'The BreakUp Playlist'

Credits to scaps maker Andy Tea for the HD screenshots featured today. It has just been a month since "The BreakUp Playlist" opened in local cinemas. Within a week of showing, the movie has reached the Php100M mark... complete with poster and official announcement from the ABS Promo Dept. >.< Congratulations to all the cast and production staff of TBUP! It was truly a privilege that Diego Loyzaga was part of the movie. He played the role of Joshua, a teen heartthrob who would be having a reunion concert with his old flame Janine, played by Maris Racal. 

How we wished that Star Cinema would also release an official Diego Loyzaga-Maris Racal version of "Paano Ba ang Magmahal?" Here's a sample of their version... (cto)

More... more... more projects for Diego Loyzaga please! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Way Back Wednesday: Diego Loyzaga Loves His Bashers

As featured on PEP.PH, Diego Loyzaga said that he loves his bashers. Let's face it, in this day and age of the social media, public personalities are truly prone to being bashed, sometimes more harshly than they deserve. But even negative comments could be channeled in a positive way. In Diego's case, he claims that it truly helps him improve in his craft. I actually commend Diego for such a positive attitude. One cannot totally control others' opinions, but one can always choose how he/she would react to them. >.<

Some scenes from "The BreakUp Playlist"

It's funny how the Gino & Trixie story somehow reminded me of Jay & Agnes on the series that was. Only this time around, the guy got the girl. I am truly happy that Diego got to be a part of "The BreakUp Playlist." It's not every day that young artists would get to work closely with Sarah G. and Piolo Pascual. >.< It's rightfully deserved too as Diego and Maris could both sing well. I sure hope ABS Mgt. would somehow also release a version of "Paano Ba ang Magmahal?" sung by Diego Loyzaga and Maris Racal. >.< 

Plus, Diego fans from all over are absolutely delighted that we get to watch Diego almost nightly on prime time TV as David on the remake of "Pangako Sa 'Yo." It's such a blessing indeed! >.< We hope that a main lead project is in the works for Diego soon! 

Good vibes & positive thoughts! And many more blessings to come... Inshallah! ^_^

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Take Me Back Tuesday: Diego Loyzaga on Working with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

I'm totally elated to watch more of Diego Loyzaga on primetime TV after the series that was ended. It's the second TV series where Diego would once more play third wheel.. this time to a more popular tandem -- Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, more popularly known as KathNiel. Personally, I have nothing against shipping tandems as long as fans KEEP IT REAL. Nowadays, fantards seem to have trouble differentiating REEL vs. REAL. I truly hope that it would be the last time that Diego would be tapped as a third wheel, as he definitely has more than what it takes to be a main lead. Of course, my main choice of leading lady for Diego is none other than Liza Soberano. I was totally impressed with their onscreen presence on their last project together. I hope it won't be their last. I would keep hoping and praying for another DiegoLiza tandem project. #nothingisimpossible #whentherighttimecomes #makeithappen

For now, I'll sit back, relax, and enjoy supporting Diego on his latest project -- the PSY remake. I do believe it's a good vehicle for him to polish his acting chops, as he's working alongside more veteran actors. I can't wait till he's ready to be the star of his own series. Inshallah! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Memories: Liza Soberano on Got 2 Believe

Time was when Liza Soberano got her fair share of bashing from fantards that have trouble differentiating real from reel characters. Aside from the first KathNiel movie, she also played third wheel as Alex on the TV series "Got to Believe." (cto -- scaps lifted from YT videos)

It seems that playing third wheel to a popular loveteam has been a stepping stone for a lot of upcoming artists. As a Liza fan, I'm totally happy that she has been tapped to be a main lead -- finally! However, I do wish that she won't get stuck on her current LT. Liza Soberano has so much potential that she has proven she's not just another pretty face. I wish she could also star once again with Diego Loyzaga on their own DiegoLiza project! >.< #everythingispossible #whentherighttimecomes #makeithappen #dreamcometrue

My JayNes ❤  will continue to HOPE and pray for a DiegoLiza tandem project!  Inshallah! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Silly Sunday: VJ Diego Loyzaga on MYX Bloopers

Let's spread good vibes and be silly this Sunday! >.< VJ Diego is truly too cute and adorable on this MYX Bloopers video. Don't you just love that Aussie accent? I swear it's too sexy on Diego Loyzaga! >.< 

VJ Diego Loyzaga (cto: @Gin_dtj)

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Screencaps: Diego Loyzaga as David on PSY (Part 5)

#PSYBulagBulagan David's talking to Yna once more. On this episode, they would find the Governor to be a mess. He was too drunk, but David was called away to go back to the capitol, so Yna had to stay and take care of the Governor. It was pretty creepy that part of the story where it hinted on Angelo thinking that Yna and the Governor were having an affair. But then, I'm even watching the show 'coz of Diego Loyzaga only. >.<

#PSYAngPagsubokKayYna The trouble with being a second lead is that some nights we totally miss David! >.< Sometimes, we're lucky if Diego appears even on one scene. 

#PSYAngPagpaparamdam Thankfully, not every night is David "El NiƱo night," as we call it. >.< This episode was one of them. Remember the "King & Queenie" code names? Yeah, it revived the KathDie shippers and I was happy for them. >.< It kinda gives me more hope that Diego and Liza could be paired again some time in the future.

#PSYAngPagseselos Loved that confrontation scene between Diego and Daniel. I do believe that Diego has what it takes to be the next leading man material. It's only a matter of time. >.< Even though this episode only had one gap of David, I'm still okay as the previous episode had lots of his scenes.

Ah, the David-Yna lunch date that was driving Angelo nuts. Ha ha! Not that he didn't deserve it.. LOL!  >.< 

For nightly episode recaps, visit my Tumblr site. (Click here.)

Come back for more features and updates!

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Friday, July 24, 2015

Flashback Friday: Diego Loyzaga as Jay Fernandez -- Memorable Scene (Part2)

Jay to Agnes: "Tingnan mo ngayon o. Nakangiti ka, kulot yung buhok mo, ang ganda mo. Napakaganda! Isa kang dyosa na umaapaw sa kagandahan." (cto vid grabbed from IG)

It's flashback Friday again for Team Batman! >.< Gosh, I've been missing the ever bubbly and energetic Jay Fernandez on primetime TV. Honestly, I'm all for light romance comedy more than heavy drama. If there's one thing I believe in, it's that people create their own dramas in life. Yup, it's true! So if you really want to be happy, think happy, and be happy! >.< 

I will continually hope for a DiegoLiza tandem project. There really is something about Diego Loyzaga-Liza Soberano presence on the screen. It would be a waste if ABS Management would fail to explore its potential. As fans of the two, I'll continue to hope, pray, and request for at least one project together. >.< #everythingispossible #whentherighttimecomes #makeithappen #dreamcometrue

Happy weekend! Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Diego Loyzaga as Adrian on Wattpad Presents: Mr. Popular Meets Ms. Nobody

For our throwback Thursday, did you know that Diego Loyzaga appeared on 'Wattpad Presents: Mr. Popular Meets Ms. Nobody?' He played the role of Adrian, the main lead's best friend. Yep, you guessed it! It's another third wheeler role. >.< Anyway, I personally got curious so I looked it up and watched it. The series is still up on TV5 Philippines YT channel. >.<

Fast forward to the present, we all know he's now on PSY the remake. It's really good to see him on bigger and more challenging roles and projects. DLizters hope that next time around, he'll be the main lead with Liza Soberano as his onscreen partner. #everythingispossible #whentherighttimecomes #makeithappen #dreamcometrue >.<

Here's a part of an episode with Adrian at the helm...

I hope you enjoyed watching it. Till next update...

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Way Back Wednesday: Teresa Loyzaga and Diego Loyzaga on RatedK

Just in case you missed it, Teresa Loyzaga was featured on RatedK with son, Diego Loyzaga. I'm glad for this feature, as I wasn't too aware of the back story of Diego and his mom. >.<

I hope that Diego would also have more TV show guestings. >.<

Happy Hump Day! Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Take Me Back Tuesday: Diego Loyzaga Attended 'The BreakUp Playlist' Premiere Night

Although Diego Loyzaga only had a cameo role in the movie 'The BreakUp Playlist' top-billed by Sarah Geronimo and Piolo Pascual, I was so happy that he was able to attend the premiere night at the SM Megamall last June 30th. Diego walked the red carpet with his movie leading lady, Maris Racal, who was a runner-up in the PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) All In reality TV show. >.<

Diego took a selfie with Piolo's son, Inigo Pascual

Below, Diego and Maris shared what it was like working with Sarah G and Piolo on the movie. >.< I am totally ecstatic that Diego got that chance of working with two of the country's biggest stars in the showbiz industry today! We're sure that Diego and Maris both learned a lot from their experiences! >.<

May Diego have more movie projects from hereon. I am still hoping and praying for a DiegoLiza tandem project! >.< #everythingispossible #whentherighttimecomes #makeithappen #dreamcometrue

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Monday, July 20, 2015

Motivation Monday: Diego Loyzaga for Bench Denim Now Campaign

I was ecstatic when I saw this ad! Although his exposure on the Bench Denim Now video was a bit too brief, I'm happy he is a part of it. I sure hope that this signals the start of many more campaigns and endorsements for Diego Loyzaga. >.< He truly deserves it! 

I personally do not pass by Quirino Avenue in Manila, but I totally shrieked when Ms. Fran shared this shot of Diego's billboard for the Bench Denim Now campaign. >.< Whoa! May this be the start of many more to come... I'm waiting till all Bench stores would also feature his posters! >.< 

Have a great week ahead! Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sizzling Sunday: Diego Loyzaga Redefined Sexy!

Diego Loyzaga redefined SEXY! >.< Let us count the ways... Whether we see him on print... #MetroBody2015 (Metro Magazine May 2015 issue)...

Whether he is on Myx PH as VJ Diego...

Whether he is on TV (as Jay on Forevermore)...

Or whether he's taking a dip in the pool... (DISCLAIMER: DiegoLiza shippers do not condone practical jokes such as throwing someone in the pool esp. when that someone has a smartphone in his pocket that got BUSTED! That act was so MEAN.. it was like BULLYING! Totally NOT FUNNY! >.<) Sorry Diego, we couldn't help not taking screenshots of the video.. Your wet look was utterly SEXY... *thud*

On all the above shots, Diego didn't even have to lose his shirt! Yup! Totally clothed, yet oozing with sex appeal. Now that's what we call SEXY! >.< 

Have a happy Sunday! Hope this post completes your day! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^