Monday, February 29, 2016

Liza Soberano for Mega Tuna

Been looking for more stuff to feature on Liza Soberano. So glad I found this video on YT. I don't believe I've seen this TVC yet, but Liza looks really good on it! >.< Mmmm now there are lots of tuna products to choose from... my other favorite, Miss World 2013 Megan Young also endorses another tuna product. LOL! >.<

It's Feb. 29th! Did you take a leap today on this extra day that only happens once every four years? >.< Anyway, have a great week ahead... eat healthy, stay healthy! 

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Diego Loyzaga in Batangas

Caption read 'kulot.' I wonder if he was missing someone. Tee hee! Peace, Diegs!

Diego Loyzaga himself shared these photos on his IG account some two weeks back. I guess he needed a break after his Pangako Sa 'Yo stint. Well, if he intended to give his fans a heart attack with these photos, I would think he succeeded. LOL! >.< 

Awww, Diegs, glad to see you enjoying the beach! I wish I could too at this point in time... but, there's a time for everything! >.<

Hope you had a blessed Sunday... and have a nice week ahead! >.<

Good vibes and positive thoughts! ^_^

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Screencaps: Liza Soberano as Serena on Dolce Amore (Part 2)

What a gorgeous young woman indeed! Liza Soberano is really beautiful! >.< Too bad I don't get home on time to catch Dolce Amore. And I don't really spend lots of time watching TV these days... so I'll need to do screenshots based on videos shared on YouTube. I like how Liza is paired with other actors.. like Gerald Anderson.. and now Matteo Guidicelli. They look good as well... but I will always be a DiegoLiza at heart. >.<

I'd love to watch Liza star on a fantaserye. She could play some magical fairy role as she's really so stunning! >.<

Till next update... good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Friday, February 26, 2016

Flashback Friday: David Powers Surprised Yna

It's flashback Friday! You gotta miss this guy Diego Loyzaga... a.k.a. David Powers on the Pangako Sa 'Yo remake. So happy that Diegs got to play two awesome characters on primetime TV --- Jay Fernandez & David Powers! >.< I hope that next time around he'll be tapped to play a main leading man role. He truly deserves it too! #dreamcometrue #makeithappen

Enjoy your weekend, folks! Just a few more days and it's a new month...

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Jay, Jay, JayNes, JayNes, JayNes

Isn't it quite obvious that I miss this tandem -- DiegoLiza / JayNes? Yeah, my original OTP... the ship that sank before it even got a chance to sail! LOL! >.< Well, for now, I have ALDUB... I still enjoy watching esp. the Kalyeserye. But I'm amazed at the JaDine tandem for becoming Team Real! Wow! Even I was shocked at that revelation... who would have thought huh? It was certainly unexpected... by me naturally! >.<

For now, I'm just posting the rest of the photos I still have on file. That way, they can be shared to all Diego & Liza fans & shippers out there! >.< I can't wait for Diego's upcoming projects... wish I'll have more time to watch Liza's soap opera too... oh well!

I hope the day will come when Diego Loyzaga & Liza Soberano could be paired with each other again. Inshallah! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Diego Loyzaga at Bangued Town Fiesta

Thank you @digsters for sharing these on your IG account! It's good to hear about Diego's many gigs! Hope his movie comes out soon! I can't wait till he goes around promoting it too! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Diego Loyzaga Interview on TWBA (Part 3)

Haven't posted all the videos on Diego Loyzaga's interview on Tonight with Boy Abunda. Here's the third part. Diego talks about the advice he got from his celebrity parents. It must be tough to be a showbiz royalty, huh? For sure, the general public has a certain level of expectations. >.<

I've been impressed with Diegs since his 'Oh My G' and 'Forevermore' days. That's when I really got hooked on him and became a fan. It truly is the first for me... esp. for a teen star. LOL! >.< Then came the 'Pangako Sa 'Yo' remake and an MMK episode... a cameo role on the big screen via 'The BreakUp Playlist'... hopefully, the list will go on and on and on... >.<

Can't wait for Diego's next projects! A movie... and a teleserye? #dreamcometrue #makeithappen

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Monday, February 22, 2016

Diego Loyzaga's Upcoming Movie

Weee! So excited for Diego Loyzaga's upcoming movie project! It's called "Bloody Crayons," based on a Wattpad book of the same title. Thank you, Diegs, for sharing your photo on your IG! >.< The rest of the photos were taken from a Star Cinema article about the project. I hope this comes out soon! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Diego Loyzaga on KDOND Barangay Edition

Thank you, Gin (@Gin_dtj), for the above screencaps! Yey! It was truly refreshing to watch Diego Loyzaga once again on KDOND -- Barangay Edition this time. Been missing him on TV since the PSY remake bid good-bye to primetime. >.<

I can't wait for his next project! Hope it's coming out really soon! >.<

Have a great week ahead! 

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Screencaps: Liza Soberano as Serena on Dolce Amore

Liza Soberano as Serena on Dolce Amore. So glad I found a little time to squeeze in the scapping for this short snippet of episode for Liza's latest TV series. She truly has one of the loveliest faces on local showbiz! >.< Truly love watching her... how I wished she were working with Diego Loyzaga once again!!! #dreamcometrue #wishfulthinking

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^