Sunday, January 31, 2016

Liza Soberano News on Bandila

I got to watch this piece of news the other night on "Bandila." It seems that one of the band members of the group 'The Vamps' has a crush on Liza Soberano... Yikee! >.< I remember seeing their pic on IG when the band visited last year (?) and guested on ASAP. Atta girl, Liza, you truly are gorgeous! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Screencaps: Diego Loyzaga as David Powers on PSY (part 32)

David Powers, you will be greatly missed on the PSY remake! >.< Diego Loyzaga's character finally bowed out last week, as the show nears its finale. I just wish that there will be justice for David's death. Madam Claudia really has gone bad!!! >.< 

Great job, Diegs! Really enjoyed watching you and your character, David Powers. I'm praying that you'll get more projects, esp. main lead ones! You truly deserve it too! See you on your next project... >.<

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Friday, January 29, 2016

Flashback Friday: Claudia Kills David

Yaiks! And Diego Loyzaga's David Powers character gets killed off on the PSY Remake. Guess that answered my question on how long he's gonna still be on the show. >.< I'm hoping though that Diegs is moving on to a new project that's why his character needed to be gone. Plus, it did make the story move forward! I suppose the show's ending in two weeks. Tsk! I hate to say this, but I'm seeing another "rushed" ending here... so typical of ABS teleseryes, unfortunately! >.<

Much as I hate how David was eliminated from the PSY remake, I'd like to commend Diegs for his great performance on the show! He deserves a main lead project, IMHO. I hope the next one will be bigger and better too! >.< #mainleadprojectpls #dreamcometrue #makeithappen

Enjoy the weekend! Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Missing Jay on Primetime TV (Part 6)

Jay! I truly miss this character from the series that was... can't believe it's been almost a year... how I wish that Diego Loyzaga's next character would be more like Jay! >.< 

It would be a #dreamcometrue if Diego would get to work with Liza Soberano once again... Inshallah! >.< 

Enjoy this throwback Thursday! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Liza Soberano Is Serena

Liza Soberano may not be working with Diego Loyzaga on her next project, but I'm still looking forward to her next role. I hope it will be a welcome change from her previous Agnes character. I still wish for stronger women roles in our local telenovelas. >.< 

Atta girl, Liza! Good luck on Dolce Amore! It's coming this February...

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Diego Loyzaga on Tonight with Boy Abunda

Diego Loyzaga on 'Tonight with Boy Abunda.' Thank you, JoFe of Digsters, for the bts photos. Too bad I couldn't join you guys! >.< Perhaps next time......

Impressed with Diegs on the interview. I wish I could find videos of it so I could post them on the blog as well. >.< Can't wait to see more of Diegs on his upcoming projects... #mainleadrolepls #dreamcometrue #makeithappen >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Monday, January 25, 2016

Diego Loyzaga on ASAP Chillout (01/24/2016)

Thank you, JoFe of Digsters, for the bts photos from last Sunday's ASAP Chillout. Too bad I couldn't join you guys, but so happy that there were lots of you out there supporting Diegs! >.< How I wished you guys got to take a video of his production number on ASAP too! >.< Perhaps next time around.......

More ASAP appearances for Diego pls!!! >.< 

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Diego Loyzaga on ASAP For All Seasons

CTTO on Twitter... Diego Loyzaga sings on ASAP together with Daniel Padilla and Elmo Magalona. Too bad I couldn't find any uploaded video anywhere. >.< 

I wasn't able to join the Digsters on ASAP Chillout either. But I'll share some of their photos on the next posts. Watch out for them! Hopefully next time around, I'll be available to join them in visiting Diegs too! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! Have a great week ahead! ^_^