Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Screencaps: Diego Loyzaga as David on PSY (Part 5)

#PSYBulagBulagan David's talking to Yna once more. On this episode, they would find the Governor to be a mess. He was too drunk, but David was called away to go back to the capitol, so Yna had to stay and take care of the Governor. It was pretty creepy that part of the story where it hinted on Angelo thinking that Yna and the Governor were having an affair. But then, I'm even watching the show 'coz of Diego Loyzaga only. >.<

#PSYAngPagsubokKayYna The trouble with being a second lead is that some nights we totally miss David! >.< Sometimes, we're lucky if Diego appears even on one scene. 

#PSYAngPagpaparamdam Thankfully, not every night is David "El NiƱo night," as we call it. >.< This episode was one of them. Remember the "King & Queenie" code names? Yeah, it revived the KathDie shippers and I was happy for them. >.< It kinda gives me more hope that Diego and Liza could be paired again some time in the future.

#PSYAngPagseselos Loved that confrontation scene between Diego and Daniel. I do believe that Diego has what it takes to be the next leading man material. It's only a matter of time. >.< Even though this episode only had one gap of David, I'm still okay as the previous episode had lots of his scenes.

Ah, the David-Yna lunch date that was driving Angelo nuts. Ha ha! Not that he didn't deserve it.. LOL!  >.< 

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