Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Way Back Wednesday: Diego Loyzaga Loves His Bashers

As featured on PEP.PH, Diego Loyzaga said that he loves his bashers. Let's face it, in this day and age of the social media, public personalities are truly prone to being bashed, sometimes more harshly than they deserve. But even negative comments could be channeled in a positive way. In Diego's case, he claims that it truly helps him improve in his craft. I actually commend Diego for such a positive attitude. One cannot totally control others' opinions, but one can always choose how he/she would react to them. >.<

Some scenes from "The BreakUp Playlist"

It's funny how the Gino & Trixie story somehow reminded me of Jay & Agnes on the series that was. Only this time around, the guy got the girl. I am truly happy that Diego got to be a part of "The BreakUp Playlist." It's not every day that young artists would get to work closely with Sarah G. and Piolo Pascual. >.< It's rightfully deserved too as Diego and Maris could both sing well. I sure hope ABS Mgt. would somehow also release a version of "Paano Ba ang Magmahal?" sung by Diego Loyzaga and Maris Racal. >.< 

Plus, Diego fans from all over are absolutely delighted that we get to watch Diego almost nightly on prime time TV as David on the remake of "Pangako Sa 'Yo." It's such a blessing indeed! >.< We hope that a main lead project is in the works for Diego soon! 

Good vibes & positive thoughts! And many more blessings to come... Inshallah! ^_^

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