Friday, January 1, 2016

Flashback Friday: I Miss You a Lot!

On flashback Friday, the above video airs out my exact sentiments when I think of Diego Loyzaga and Liza Soberano... "I miss you a lot!" I might as well have said it myself! LOL! >.< Gosh, it's the New Year! I know that I will sooner or later need to accept the fact that I may need to update separately for both Diego and Liza as they're working on separate projects. *SIGH* 

But it's the New Year.. so you might as well hand it over to me! I'm just feeling a bit nostalgic at this moment in time.. it will soon pass.. I just know! >.<

Page 1 of 366 is almost done.. have you started writing on your page? I have! Here's to more positive thoughts & good vibes! >.<


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