Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday Screencaps: Diego Loyzaga as David Powers on PSY (Part 29)

Diego!!! Can you not look at me like that??? LOL! Just kidding... It's time for Saturday screencaps once more. >.<

I didn't realize there were lots of David-Yna scenes lately. Well, that's not really surprising considering the turn of events on the PSY remake story. But I wonder whether David will be made to live out his days on the show... or whether he will be sent away to make way for the original love tandem on the show. TBH, I really hate it that Diegs gets to play these decent third wheel guy's roles. His characters -- Jay and David -- are too good to pass up. I badly need a story where the third wheel guy gets to win out in the end!!! Calling Wattpad writers out there... >.<

Credits to @Gin_dtj for all the screencaps featured on the blog.

Really excited for the Digsters post-Christmas party! Will post updates really soon... good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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