Friday, January 8, 2016

Flashback Friday: David Powers vs. Angelo Buenavista

It's time for flashback Friday once more! Do you remember this scene from last year? David Powers is one interesting character that Diego Loyzaga has played. Loved the confrontation scenes with Daniel Padilla who plays Angelo Buenavista. It's truly good to see the two friends working closely again. This time around though I believe Diegs looks way better than DJP. LOL! But that's just me, I guess. You can say that I'm biased 'coz I'm a Digsters at heart. Tee-hee! Nonetheless, I wish that Diego will soon get a chance to be launched as one of the main leads on his own show. It's no fun being the "Pambansang Third Wheel." >.< To be honest, at times, Diegs looks way better than the main lead. Ha ha ha! Like on the "series that was!" >.< Nuff said...

I'm really glad that Diegs got to work with really good actors on Pangako Sa 'Yo. I do believe this will help him a lot in his future projects. I totally love his scenes with onscreen mom, Jodi Sta. Maria. She's truly one fine actress to boot! >.< Should PSY writers decide to do away with David's character, I sure hope it won't take long before Diegs moves on to his next project! >.<

Till next update... good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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