Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Diego Loyzaga Birthday Bash on ASAP

The night before Diego Loyzaga's birthday bash on ASAP20, ASAP Official released the ASAP Twitter Party HT for Diego. Naturally, fans like us DiegoLiza shippers were looking forward to it. 

On the morning of the ASAP celebration, Diego shared a photo with Chachi Gonzales on his IG account. 

ASAP Official also shared a bts photo of Diego before the show. I'm guessing this was during rehearsals before the show.

My take on the show was that the #asapaskDiego segment was too brief. There was hardly any time left for Diego to reply to any questions at all. But glad for this one tweet that we believe was too sweet of him.

His Full Circle segment towards the end of the show was worth the wait. Though I did get a bit too impatient on having to wait too long for such a brief segment. There wasn't even time to greet him after his number. 

Despite the too brief segment, we were totally impressed that Diego Loyzaga managed somehow to trend even for a while after his performance.

Diego is truly impressive. We hope that his ASAP guesting last Sunday is just the first of many. We believe he has real talent waiting to be explored. We'd definitely love to see more of him on LIVE! performance. DiegoLiza shippers and many of his fans hope that a recording album launch is in the offing. >.<

We're thankful to ASAP for giving Diego Loyzaga a chance to appear on the show. But we hope that next time around, he would be given a little more time and exposure. May this guesting be just the start of many beautiful things to come for him...

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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