Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Way Back Wednesday: Liza Soberano on Chalk Magazine February 2014

I did mention how long I've been following Liza Soberano's career, right? Well, this copy of the Chalk Magazine where she was featured was on the archive of my Tumblr account. I'm now sharing it here. I totally loved her feature that I have my own copy of this magazine in my collection. Perhaps one day I'll get to meet Liza in person and have her sign it. >.<

Liza totally looks like a life-sized doll on these photos! >.<

"I'm a Barbie girl, in this Barbie world..."

So sweet and wholesome. Like Liza should be. That's one reason why DiegoLiza shippers are adamant about pairing her with Diego Loyzaga. The DiegoLiza tandem brings about a young, wholesome appeal that is more ideal for the younger generation. 

Such a sweet smile on such a pretty face... Liza deserves the perfect guy who would treat her right! And we have the right guy in mind! >.<

At the end of the day, we are hoping against hope that our petition for a Diego Loyzaga - Liza Soberano project would be granted. Diego and Liza are not only near the same age group, but they also look great together onscreen. We believe that the public has seen that on the series that was. We are here to continue to clamor for a DiegoLiza project! #everythingispossible #whentherighttimecomes #makeithappen #dreamcometrue

Good vibes and positive thoughts!

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