Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Diego Loyzaga Holds #AskDiegoLoyzaga on Twitter

My bad that I almost missed it when Diego Loyzaga held his #AskDiegoLoyzaga party on Twitter last night! Well, I actually only caught the last parts... so here are some of the nice questions as well as answers from Diegs... and my thoughts on them... >.<


I love it that Jay Fernandez is also his favorite role by far. He's the reason I'm hooked on Diegs. LOL! Actually, when you get to meet him in person, you'll see that he's not that far from Jay's persona. >.<

I couldn't help not adding the *hearts* on the above screencap. My DiegoLiza heart flutters! How I wish that Diegs and Liza Soberano would soon get to work together again... as a tandem! >.<

Deep. I like that, Diegs! >.< Personally, I do encourage everyone to seek balance and harmony. 

LOL, Diegs! Love the sense of humor... >.< Truly admire people who can be deep... yet funny too! >.<

Nice to know more about Diego Loyzaga... straight from him too! >.< So, I wonder when we get to see all your tattoos? LOL >.<

He's really a nice guy, huh? Just gotta love Diegs... >.<

#Whogoat! Now where did that come from??? >.< But at least, he says he still believes in LOVE! >.< Don't worry, Diegs, you'll find the right girl... sa tamang panahon! I'll help pray for you! >.<

Yeah, I miss Diegs on all those MYX updates! I actually just followed them 'coz of Diego... >.<

Safe answer... LOL! Just remember to keep it real, Diegs! Pls., none of those 'pa-showbiz' stuff! >.< I pray you'll get more projects! #mainleadprojectpls #dreamcometrue #makeithappen 

Thank you for taking time out for your fans, Diegs! Hope to hear more from you... soon! >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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