Saturday, April 2, 2016

Saturday Screencaps: From My Tumblr Archive Series 4

The thing with soap operas on TV is that they're full of drama. CRAP! I'd say but that's just my opinion. To be honest, I hardly watch anymore. I'm waiting till my fave artist will be on, then I will watch. >.< I got hooked on the book 2 of "Forevermore" 'coz of the introduction of the new character of Diego Loyzaga. Personally, the protagonist Agnes was pretty cool at the start of the series. Her characterization became crappy on the second book. In the end, only the presence of Jay made the show tolerable to watch. >.<

I used to have a thing or two about commenting on the show. I stopped doing it when writers seemed to be getting my ideas and twisting them... not to my favor! Ha ha ha. I know right? If I wanted my own story I should write it myself. That I should have done for Jay and Agnes. I did want them to end up together. >.< But past is past... let's just move on to bigger and better stories...

To be continued...

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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