Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Diego Loyzaga ASAP Production Number -- May 15, 2016

There we were at the audience entrance, the Digsters, while waiting last Sunday for Diego Loyzaga's production number on ASAP. You see, we got bumped off ASAP Chillout. Too bad 'coz Diegs was also having his birthday celebration that time. It turned out that fellow artist Darren Espanto was also celebrating his brithday, and his fans filled the venue. Boo-hoo for us! >.<

Seriously, the wait was a lot longer than it took Diego to perform on stage with his fellow artists. <SIGH> The life of a fan indeed! 

When we finally got in, the host behind the scene was telling everyone not to take photos! Are you kidding me? Like D-UH?! I was only there for Diegs' production number... naturally I would want to take photos! Besides, I've waited from the beginning till the sixth gap to get in?!?! 

It truly was a feat balancing myself, my camera, while holding Diego's banner up! LOL! >.< Pardon the kinda blurry photos. If you've followed me since last year, you'll know I have that curse ha-ha-ha! >.<

It was great seeing Diegs sing live on ASAP. But the whole production probably didn't even last five minutes. Boo-hoo-hoo! Our consolation was that we got to meet Diegs after the show... right outside of the PBB House. He got off the SUV he was driving to have some bonding time with his fans!!! How amazing is that guy huh?! He's simply unbelievable! >.<


Good vibes & positive thoughts!

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