Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Diego Loyzaga on ASAP ChillOut during Star Magic 23rd Anniversary

[Disclaimer: Please note that I will always be a Diego Loyzaga-Liza Soberano shipper at heart. I have a dream... that is for Team Unity... that all Diego fans & Liza fans -- including those from all their LT groups -- will work together as one. Promote what you love, with no harsh or unkind words towards anyone. ✌✌✌ They say I'm a dreamer... but I hope I'm not the only one... I hope someday you'll join me... and the world will be as one.]

ASAP ChillOut session with Diego Loyzaga, Maris Racal, Inigo Pascual, Jane Oineza, Marco Gumabao, and many more... BTS Photos grabbed from various official sites...

Thankful to the shared video as well from Chikkaness Ave. It's a bit long (more than 9 minutes), but hey, I can't get enough of Diego Loyzaga!!! >.< Hope he'll have more ASAP20 guestings in the future! #wishfulthinking

Enjoy viewing the video! >.<

Good vibes and positive thoughts! ^_^

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