Friday, September 25, 2015

Flashback Friday: Diego Loyzaga as Jay Fernandez -- Memorable Scene (Part 10)

Jay to Agnes: "I was here with you all this time."

Flashback Friday time once again! How time flies indeed! >.< Writing this in the midst of the ALDUB Mania... not easy tsk tsk... I must admit I struggle. Do you remember this scene? I vividly do. I remember squealing with delight upon hearing and seeing Jay on the sideline. *SIGH* 

Diego Loyzaga as Jay Fernandez.. I believe he made a lot of girls and women swoon.. he still does. I just wonder when he would be launched as main lead. I guess I'll be waiting for that day too. For the meantime, work hard, pray harder, and BELIEVE... that God's timing is always PERFECT! >.< #satamangpanahon 

My JayNes heart beats and patiently waits. Maybe one day, it would be possible for a DiegoLiza tandem project. #wishfulthinking #dreamcometrue #makeithappen

Enjoy your weekend! Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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