Thursday, September 24, 2015

MYX Poll of the Week -- Who Is the Best Partner for VJ Diego Loyzaga? (Round Two)

It's take two for the MYX Poll of the Week. VJ Diego Loyzaga is still the man for this round! >.< I posted the results of the first round previously. Apparently, some of VJ Diego's past leading ladies were inadvertently excluded from the first round, so they were now added to this round. Of course, the winner of the first round is also included here... that's Maris Racal. >.<

There we have more leading ladies... Jane Oineza, Julia Barretto, Julia Montes, and of course, Maris Racal. >.< The votes have been cast... once again, the final count is in! The winner is.......

My question is, now that the poll on who's the best partner for Diego Loyzaga has been done and a winner has been declared, what happens next? Will the tandem be launched soon? As a teaser, I stumbled upon a photo shared by Maris on her Twitter.. with caption -- Jegowww with a smiley... 

Good luck Maris and Diego (MarGo)! >.< No hate, just love! I will support Diego in all his projects, even if my heart beats only for DiegoLiza tandem. >.< Perhaps in an alternate universe, they would be paired once again. #wishfulthinking #satamangpanahon

Spread the love... good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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