Saturday, September 26, 2015

Saturday Screencaps: Diego Loyzaga as David Powers on PSY (Part 14)

#PSYPananabik Previously, we saw Yna being humiliated in public by the Madam. David finds the opportunity to comfort Yna and be by her side. However, Angelo follows suit. An altercation ensues once again, and David gets hit on the face. Ouch! Tsk tsk tsk... (Photos CTO @Gin_dtj) 

#PSYLuksoNgDugo David was by a wishing fountain at the start of the show. I wonder what he wished for huh? >.< Even with a bruise on his face, I think Diego Loyzaga still looked HOT. LOL! So there David apologized to the Governor for having that fight scene with Angelo. Yna also told David to stop courting her. Poor David! Tsk.

#PSYPagtatapat That crying scene of David as he poured his heart out to... ta-dah! Amor Powers! Yup.. it turned out that he is Amor's adoptive son after all. >.< Loved the mother and son scenes on this episode...


Amor wanted David to quit his work at the Governor's office, but the latter refused to resign. Well, by now, we know that David's cover has already been blown. Soon, I will get to that part on the blog. >.<

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