Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday Screencaps: Diego Loyzaga as David on PSY (Part 11)

#PSYHangarin On this episode, the Governor and Amor Powers still haven't met face to face. Then, they saw on TV that Amor Powers was in a meeting with Mrs. Salameda and the Vice-Governor. David was convincing the Governor to give it another shot at inviting Ms. Powers to a courtesy call.

#PSYHarapan Angelo goes to see the Governor to ask for Miss Powers' schedule as Yna really wanted to meet her in person. The Gov. then asks David to find out more about it. David goes to Mark to ask for Miss Powers' schedule. David later drops in on Yna to inform her that he recommended Casa Corazon to cater the important event that is being planned for the church by Betty Mae, Miss Powers' friend. Angelo also confronts David on whether the latter is courting Yna.

#PSYNalalapit Only two brief appearances by David. One in which he was supposedly talking to Yna, who was thanking him for recommending the Casa Corazon to do the catering for Miss Powers' party. Second scene shows David complimenting the Governor on the latter's new look. He even offered to help the Gov. prepare the presentation for Miss Powers, which the latter declined.

Thanks for the scaps, Gin! (@Gin_dtj)

I do miss seeing David nightly on the PSY remake. Sometimes, he would only appear twice or thrice a week. >.<

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As of this writing, David's identity has been revealed. I hope to eventually catch up to that part of the series. However, when the time comes, I wish we'll have more David scenes as well. >.<

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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