Sunday, October 11, 2015

BTS Photos -- Teresa & Diego Loyzaga on Kapamilya Deal or No Deal (Part 1)

So the date was the 23rd of September when members of the Digsters group agreed to meet up to attend the taping of Kapamilya Deal or No Deal featuring Teresa and Diego Loyzaga. I have to admit I had to make some arrangements to miss out on "work" that night. Good thing it's a light week load as the upcoming Friday was a "no classes" day due to Eid'l Adha. >.<

I got to the meeting place early -- around 3 p.m. -- taping was initially at 4 p.m. However, it was moved to 6 p.m. So we had to wait longer at McDonald's ABS-CBN. We waited till we were allowed into the studio at around 7 p.m. >.<

There was another episode taping before Ms. Teresa and Diego arrived on the set. We got to watch John "Sweet" Lapus' episode. It was a really good one though, as Sweet actually got the 1 million briefcase but agreed to the deal of Php 444,000.00. It wasn't a complete loss. >.<

We were then asked to switch seats as we waited for the final taping for that night. 

Prior to the taping, Ms. Teresa and Diego were given instructions and guidance on what would transpire once the camera starts rolling. >.<

I gotta hand it to Luis Manzano for being a good host. Aside from the opening spiel where he gets to read some notes, the show was actually free flowing. So yes, Luis does a good job of asking questions and probing for interesting answers. >.< 

Lights, camera, action.......

Manzano starts the show.. welcomes the Lucky Stars.. and the Mother & Son tandem of Teresa & Diego Loyzaga! >.< 

Diego, explaining why they chose Number 13... and opening the first round of briefcases (5 briefcases). At the end of the round, here's the money board! >.<

To be continued...

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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