Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meeting Diego Loyzaga the Second Time ^_^

Wow! I can't believe how fast time flew by. It's been almost a month since I met Diego Loyzaga the second time. That was last 23rd September, during the taping for KDOND with his mom, Teresa Loyzaga. I've shared the bts photos previously. 

It was past nine when the taping ended, I think. Anyway, since the marshals within the studio were pretty strict, we had but a brief encounter with Diego. That was when he approached us right after the taping. Then, beso-beso -- Diego's really sweet with his fans -- and hello greetings. >.<

Well, we exited from the studio after the show. Then regrouped at Starbucks, as per message from Ms. Fran. True, we've missed seeing Diego. It's been awhile, plus at that time, his David Powers character has taken a break from the PSY remake already. >.<

Yey! Finally got that photo with Ms. Fran... thanks, Ms. Fran, for everything -- "alam mo na yun!" He he he... Diego has my full support in whatever project he will have in the near future. >.< 

Naturally, I wouldn't miss having that photo opp with Ms. Teresa Loyzaga. My daughter also loves her Gabriela character on PDA. I truly love both mom & son, Teresa & Diego, both really nice people. >.<

Yipee! Got my second photo with Diego! Happy me... just so glad he also loved my shirt. Had it customized via CoDeeS'. >.< Plus, I did get to chat with him briefly, told him about this blog, and that I'll always be for a DiegoLiza tandem, but will be supporting him all the way. >.< Thank you, Diegs, for being so nice and for ... "alam mo na yun!" I do wish you'll have many more projects and mall shows, so we could see more of you! >.<

That's it for now, folks! It was worth the long wait... 

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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