Tuesday, October 13, 2015

More BTS Photos -- Teresa & Diego Loyzaga on Kapamilya Deal or No Deal (Part 2)

During the first round, two big amounts were opened -- 500,000 and 100,000. Teresa & Diego Loyzaga didn't agree to the deal so starts the next round. >.<

Miss Teresa talks about the various odd jobs she did back in Australia while raising her two children. You can see the look of love and pride on Diego's face as he listens to his mom. Aww, such a loving son indeed! >.< So after 4 more briefcases, the 1 million briefcase was unfortunately opened by Diego himself. Uh-oh! >.<

After 3 more briefcases, another big amount gets taken out -- 400,000. Tsk tsk. But at least, the 1 peso briefcase has been opened. >.<

After 2 more briefcases, there goes the 200,000. >.< It was a tension filled game. But I've got to admit, it became less challenging when the two large amounts were opened during the first two rounds of the game. >.<

To be continued...

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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