Sunday, October 4, 2015

MYX Sunday Throwback: VJ Diego Loyzaga's Take on Valentine's Date

I love Diego Loyzaga! That's a given. I do miss his VJ blog on MYX, so here's a throwback one. What's a Valentine's date like for VJ Diego? >.< He's such a sweet guy, don't you think? Makes me kinda wish I met someone like him during my younger years... LOL! >.<

VJ Diego: "I'm kind of a corny guy." (My reaction: Nah! I don't think spending time to watch a good movie with someone special is corny. In fact, I think it's sweet and personal, like it should be.)

VJ Diego: ""Don't ever fail the flowers." (My reaction: Aww, that's really sweet or you. You're right, though, giving flowers or more personal gifts isn't limited to Valentine's season alone. Little surprises given regularly are the sweetest indeed!) 

Photo credit: @Gin_dtj

Stay tuned for more MYX updates from VJ Diego! Have a blessed Sunday!

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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