Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Diego Loyzaga at PSY Thanksgiving Day

Thank you, Ms. Fran, for the BTS video of Diego Loyzaga while performing during PSY Thanksgiving Day at Binan, Laguna. >.< Diego's character David Powers was the only reason why I was watching the PSY remake. Since his character's back on the show again, there's reason to watch it once again. >.<

More photos from that Kapamilya Thanksgiving Day... CTTO

Diego performed LIVE! with Daniel Ombao -- I remember the Time Machine Band -- How awesome is that?! Seriously, someone should give Diego Loyzaga a recording album! I totally love hearing his singing voice... I think I'm addicted to it too! LOL >.< In fact, I've downloaded a few of his songs from YouTube and I listen to them from time to time on my smartphone's playlist. >.<

I can't wait for the day I would be attending an album launching for Diego Loyzaga!

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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