Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Way Back Wednesday: From My Tumblr Archive

For lack of the latest materials on Diego Loyzaga, let me move some of my Tumblr posts about him. Honestly, I didn't realize there are lots of them. LOL! Seems blogging has always been a hobby of mine. >.<

Taken from my blog archive dated April 3, 2015. Alas, I painstakingly started these screencaps and episode recaps when Diegs himself started following me on Twitter! Yup.. it is pretty amazing! >.<

More so, I've started loving the DiegoLiza tandem since they first shared a scene together! To this day, it remains to be my original OTP. I dream of them working together again someday. #wishfulthinking #dreamcometrue #pleasemakeithappen

Diego's character Jay sang to Liza's character Agnes. The Time Machine Band won the Battle of the Bands. Jay, Agnes' knight in shining armor, always manages to cheer her up and make her smile. Ahhh, I personally think it foolish that Agnes wouldn't fall for a guy such as Jay. <SIGH> Oh well, if I had a hand in writing this story, I would have made it a Jay-Agnes 'happy ever after' ending. >.<

To be continued... (Original post here.)

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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