Thursday, March 17, 2016

Throwback Thursday : I Love Diego Loyzaga's Musicality

Thank God it's Thursday! It's time to interrupt all stressful news about Diego Loyzaga at the moment. Time for a little bit of throwback... I love Diegs' musicality... perhaps that's one reason why I enjoyed watching him play Jay F.'s character on the 'series that was.' Seriously, he should have been given the chance to record the songs he played and sang back then. Diegs sings so well that he really deserves to have a recording album of his own!!! >.<

I pray that Diego will be given more quality projects soon. I'm actually feeling sad that he's being involved in an issue right now. I must say that Diegs has been waiting for a break for a long time... now that it's possible, then comes this altercation issue. Boo-hoo-hoo! >.< 

Hang on and be strong, Diegs! Your Digsters family and Team DiegoLiza will be behind you all the way! We're praying that everything goes well for you...

Good vibes and positive thoughts! ^_^

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