Thursday, March 31, 2016

Throwback Thursday: From My Tumblr Archive Series 2

It's time for throwback Thursday. Part 2 of the series from my Tumblr archive. Screencaps from the TV series 'Forevermore.' Remember this "beat the smiley" scene? LOL! >.< Yeah, perhaps Diego Loyzaga's character Jay sometimes comes off as overconfident, but hey, I love the guy! He's bubbly, cheerful, and just so HOT... with a "killer smile" too. >.< Agnes was torn between her old flame and her doting BFF. Unfortunately for folks like me who are shipping DiegoLiza, local TV soaps favor loveteams. The third wheel is doomed from the very beginning. He NEVER wins the girl. It doesn't even matter if he is more good-looking or his character is more lovable. <SIGH> Well, I've learned my lesson - I think. I've stopped watching local soap operas. >.<

I guess I'm waiting for the day when the third wheel will win out. Till that time, most TV shows offer nothing really new. >.< Actually, I can't wait for Diegs' next project. I hope he starts filming or taping soon! 

To be continued... (Original article here.)

Good vibes & positive thoughts! ^_^

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